About Us

Piccadilly Artists is an organisation representing a collective of professional musicians. We provide music, musicians, bands and solo artists for a wide range of events and occasions. We also promote tours and concerts throughout the UK, Europe and across the globe. We work through music agents but also deal direct with the public and corporate world and strive to provide the best possible quality of service at an affordable price.

Concerts - theatres - jazz clubs - music societies - public events - fetes - park concerts - festivals -

Private events - weddings - parties - bar mitzvahs - funerals - private concerts - dinner parties - dances - anniversaries -

Corporate and business - award ceremonies - corporate events - christmas parties - charity events - dances - trade shows -

Piccadilly Artists represent a select range of bands and artists who can provide music from across the board, from pop-function bands through to big bands. We cover every style of jazz from solo pianists to Big Bands and can mix n match musicians and bands to provide two or three groups for a more affordable price.

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