• We can provide private tuition or group lessons in both classical and jazz on flute, clarinet and saxophones.


  • We offer workshops in Jazz Improvisation (for any instruments).


  • Classical masterclasses for flute, clarinet and saxophones.


  • Musical direction for wind bands, big bands, jazz ensembles, saxophone choirs, clarinet choirs and flute choirs.


  • School peripatetic tuition in flute, clarinet and saxophones.


Jazz and Improvisation Workshops


Our  workshops are intended to appeal to all musicians of all ages, standards and  experience, who have had little or no previous experience of improvisation. A minimum playing standard of grade 4 is recommended, but less experienced  musicians can also benefit from the sessions.

We  provide some percussion instruments, but musicians would be expected to bring their own instruments. Any musical instrument or percussion instruments can be used.

Our  sessions will focus on aspects of jazz and improvisation which can benefit all  musicians with experience of other musical genres.

We  start with simple musical games and methods of communication on musical levels,  to break down barriers and encourage confidence and self expression.  Improvisation within the group in an ensemble environment is taught, with  emphasis on listening and contributing. Musicians learn to find their own space  within the group, and explore their creativity and imagination. As well as  appreciating contributions from the other members of the ensemble. The group  will learn to play over a simple chord progression, and individuals are  encouraged to play solos once confidence has been established.

A  brief discussion on the history and philosophy of jazz, and the effect of  improvisation in all forms of music are covered.

The  ultimate aim is for the group to be able to perform a piece of music, using  various methods of jazz improvisation, in which all the musicians feel able to  express and enjoy themselves.